BIG GAME I postgame

Our BIG GAME meetup was a fantastic success, congrats to Taro O’Halloran who won the free ticket to Whovian Prom 2016. For those who didn’t get to go and want a crack at the quiz, here are all the questions used. Bonus questions are worth an extra point.

  1. When was it announced that Christopher Eccleston was leaving Doctor Who after one season? 1 POINT
    1. Before the first season aired
    2. During the first season
    3. After the first season aired
  2. Who became companion to the First Doctor immediately after Ian, Barbra, and Susan? 1 POINT
    1. Ben and Polly
    2. Steven and Vicki
    3. Sara Kingdom
    4. Katrina and Dodo
      1. BONUS: Which one of the names was the first companion to die on screen?
  3. What does TARDIS stand for?  3 POINTS
  4. The ____________ Doctor was the first Doctor to travel to Karn. 2 POINTS
  5. Who was the showrunner of Doctor Who from 1980 to 1989?  3 POINTS
  6. What does U.N.I.T stand for? 3 POINTS
    1. BONUS: what did UNIT stand for in the classic series?
  7. Which doctor is Matt Smith’s favorite?  3 POINTS
  8. Which Doctors had more than one primary costume during their run? Meaning significant changes and not small variations. (one point per correct answer MAX 7)
    1. BONUS: Which Doctors had question marks as part of their apparel? (One point if you get all four)
  9. Which doctor had the most companions in any one episode? 1 POINT
    1. Fifth
    2. First
    3. Tenth
    4. Eleventh
      1. BONUS; Name the episode:
  10. To secure his cooperation in helping find the Doctor, what did the Lord-President promise The Master in exchange for his help in The Five Doctors? 3 POINTS
  11. The _______ Doctor was the only incarnation never to have an on screen encounter with the Daleks. 2 POINTS
  12. The background story written for the Doctor during the Sylvester McCoy’s run is called the _______ masterplan. 2 POINTS
  13. Two Second Doctor episodes were rereleased in 2013 thanks to old copies found in Nigeria. While Enemy of the World was restored fully in its entirety, which episode was only partially restored with one episode still missing? 1 POINT
    1. The Ice Warriors
    2. The Web of Fear
    3. The Wheel In Space
    4. The invasion
  14. In the 50th Anniversary audiodrama The Light at the End, who was the main villain?  3 POINTS
  15. What group of Daleks attacked Torchwood in season 2 and later created a Dalek-Human hybrid in season 3?  3 POINTS
  16. Everyone remembers the Daleks vs. the Cybermen, but what other two major villains met briefly for the first time recently in New Who?  3 POINTS
  17. Why was most of the Third Doctor’s era set on Earth?  3 POINTS
    1. BONUS: what was the production reason for this change?
  18. How many different Sonic Screwdrivers have there been? 1 POINT
    1. 7
    2. 10
    3. 9
    4. 12
  19. Clara Oswald was a teacher at what famous school? 3 POINTS
  20. Before The General demonstrated the ability to switch genders during a regeneration, what was the name of the Time Lord the Eleventh Doctor mentioned had a female incarnation during the episode The Doctor’s Wife?  3 POINTS
    1. BONUS: Who wrote that episode?




  1. Which classic Doctor Who actor made a special cameo in An Adventure in Time and Space?
  2. Which two classic Doctor Who actors were married for a brief time before ending in a messy divorce?
  3. Martha Jones joined the Tenth Doctor and Donna for a brief adventure to another planet in what episode?
  4. Which doctors have had most of their run through audiobooks?
  5. Finish this First Doctor quote “just go forward in all your beliefs____________”



  1. Which Doctor lost the original sonic screwdriver?
  2. What was the name of the Third Doctor’s car?
  3. Who was the first Honorary Admin of Boston Whovians?
  4. Which two Doctor Who actors played other characters on the show before they took on the role of the Doctor?