Boston BritCon Planning Discontinued

It is with a heavy heart that the Boston Whovians announce we are suspending any further planning on Boston BritCon. Unfortunately we no longer believe the concept to be viable, and we simply have no alternative designs we could implement to create a truly enjoyable experience for attendees. The Admin Team fully acknowledges that we were not putting on a Celebrity-driven, multi-day event for our first year, and despite our hopes that we could get interest in a smaller event it wasn’t what prospective attendees were looking for. We also have to acknowledge that smaller conventions have struggled in recent years, and several high profile con failures and cancellations have made people wary of supporting upstarts like ours. We also are unable to incentivise further fundraising, and feel that a third fundraising campaign will not get us what we need. With no viable alternative options available, we have made what we feel is the smartest decision possible in light of our circumstances, to end any further planning.

We want to sincerely thank everyone who got us this far, whether you attended a meeting, contributed to the online discussion, or went above and beyond to donate to making this happen. As we’ve said before, all the money we have raised via Indiegogo will be donated to a charity that we will determine in the next few weeks. Once that is done we will publish a complete and transparent financial report so donors can be reassured that no donor funds were misused.

We hope that maybe one day conditions in the local convention scene will be well enough to be able to launch a British media focused convention, and we hope that the Boston Whovians will be able to take part in making it happen.

-The Boston Whovians Administration