Boston BritCon Update!

Hello everyone, our first phase of fundraising for BritCon is complete and while we didn’t meet our target goal in round one we still raised almost $800 through our Indiegogo and Fan Expo Boston campaigns! This puts us on a great financial footing for round two of our fundraising which will be starting up in the next couple of weeks. Right now what we have in the bank is roughly enough to pay for our venue, The Arts at Armory, but not much beyond that. We still have to furnish the venue with tables and extra chairs for our dealers’ hall, as well as sound equipment, a proper website for ticketing, free badge ribbons for all attendees, and of course a good cushion for any incidentals. Round two of our fundraising will be dedicated to getting us the rest of that money to make sure we can put on the best BritCon possible in our first year.

As always, if you want to keep up to date with BritCon’s progress, or have a suggestion or two to offer up, please join the discussion on our official group page.