General Rules

1. The group is open to all fans of Doctor Who regardless of age, race, gender, orientation, religion, planet of origin, NFL ranking, barometric pressure, and location in proximity to Boston.

  • That means this group is 100% LGBTQA* friendly and should be treated as a safe space.

2. The River Song Rule: this is only in effect whenever there are new episodes of Doctor Who airing. We ask that for a fixed amount of time after a new episode airs (usually a couple of days) that you not discuss the events of a new episode, or as River Song would say “Spoilers ;)”. We ask that this be done primarily because not everyone has BBCA and can watch the episode in a timely manner. We will occasionally extend the length of time of the rule, usually for the season finales.
3. The admins reserve the right to remove members from the group after three warnings. Official warnings (sent via private message) will be given for any of the following reasons:

  • Habitually posting/commenting off-topic remarks
  • Habitual use of inappropriate language.
  • Bullying or using any kind of hate speech on the group page.
  • Trolling and/or harassing other members of the group in any way; online or in person.
  • Language and discussions that mean spiritedly attack another member’s favorite Doctor/episode/character will not be tolerated. Criticism is fine, cruelty and hate is not.
  • Do not attack other members or admins on the page. If you have a legitimate grievance that is what private messaging is for.
  • The admins maintain a list of all violators and how many warnings they’ve been given, that list is not made public to the group and is for our own internal records only.

4. Official Boston Whovians meetups will be planned and organized by Tori Queeno or another admin.

  • Official Boston Whovians meetups will try to be held once a month.
  • Every official meetup will have an event page on the Boston Whovians Facebook group page.
  • An admin must be present at every official meetup.
  • The use of vortex manipulators at meetups is strictly prohibited at all times.
  • Behavior at meetup must be respectful to the public and to your fellow members. We want to have a good reputation as a group!
  • Independent meetups are always welcome, just make a separate event page of your own and ask an admin for permission to advertise it to the group page. For liability reasons we just ask that you don’t use the name Boston Whovians.

5. Feel free to contact any of the admins with questions, comments, concerns, or complaints about the rules, the page, or anything else pertaining to Boston Whovians. Please contact the admins via private Facebook message or


These rules are subject to change and update at any time, at the discretion of the Boston Whovians admins. For rules specific to the Facebook page, click here.