LI Who roundup


Happy Doctor Who day to everyone all over time and space, its been over a week since LI Who and we wanted to just go over all that happened. Tori and the admins want to first congratulate Ken Deep and the rest of his team (including our friends at Venue Sound) for a truly fantastic time at LI Who. This was the first convention where our entire admin team was assembled, we had such a great turnout from members, and we recruited many new people to our club. We got the chance to present Whovians Are Cool and despite some logistical issues it went off very well. Eight new honorary admins have been added including Sophie Aldred (Ace), Jemma Redgrave (Kate Stewart), and the 5th Doctor himself Peter Davison! We want to especially thank everyone who came out to the New England meetup with us and other NE groups like New Hampshire Whovians, CT Whovian Club, and BADWOLF. The turnout and wonderful discussion about starting up a Boston area Doctor Who convention was everything we could’ve hoped for. In the next few months we’ll begin formalizing and building a group to discuss the convention planning that will be welcome for anyone to join; any other formalities are still a ways off but we want to get the ball rolling.

And we’re pleased to announce that Tori and the admins have already begun planning out Prom 4 with major details and date to be announced next month. So stayed tuned because 2017 and beyond is gonna be, in the words of the ninth doctor, “Fantastic!”