Statement regarding Arisia allegations

[Content Warning: sexual assault]


The Boston Whovians administration and our President, Tori Queeno, discussed the article released today regarding a high ranking member of Arisia staff. It revealed that the current chair of the Arisia Ops department and President of Arisia Inc, Noel Rosenberg, sexually assaulted another member of Arisia staff several years ago, and that the con has taken no punitive action for many years (in violation of their own policies) and instead continues to promote Mr. Rosenberg to higher positions of power in Arisia.

That article is available here, and we do caution you if you plan to read it.

We expect Arisia to rectify the situation before the con by dismissing anyone and everyone involved in this cover-up, especially the staff member in question. We hope that a boycott of Arisia will not become necessary, and that we and our members can attend the con knowing that the staff has our best interests at heart. Arisia is one of our favorite events and has been an important meeting spot for our BritCon planning over the past couple of years. We hope that Arisia now chooses to do the right thing, and we offer our support through this necessary sea change to ensure that the 2019 con can go smoothly.