We have a TARDIS console!

We announced this for attendees at the Salem meetup yesterday, but for everyone else here’s our big news; the Boston Whovians are now the proud owners of a TARDIS Console prop! Its not much to look at right now, but over the next several weeks under the care of our administrator Marc Brunco it’ll be a really fun prop to use. It measures 3ft tall and about 3.5ft wide, and breaks down into two pieces for easy transporting. We aim to bring it around to local conventions and eventually LI Who for people to pose for photos and play with, free of charge!

Big thanks to the original builder/owner Pete Sloan who sold us the console and donated a box of stuff to get us started. If you’re interested in donating thinks like switches, dials, gauges, and buttons send us an email to bostonwhoviansofficial@gmail.com